About us

Shraga Hasid Ltd., engineering equipment and services, represents the leading equipment manufacturers and provides service and consultation in the areas of energy, avionics, process industry, refineries and petrochemicals.

The company is in contact with the leading companies worldwide and has proven its specialty in providing service.
The company’s clients profit from its many varied connections and from the availability of leading experts in their fields.

Over the years, the company has provided critical equipment to sensitive industries requiring adherence to strict and tight schedules and has assisted in handling, installing and running facilities till final delivery to the end user.

The company is well known for providing service on time while offering quick solutions with competitive prices thus protecting the client’s interest.
Over time, the company has acquired much experience in reconstructing and upgrading industrial facilities and power plants of leading companies.
The company has been successful in accompanying its clients over the years, while offering solutions for everyday problems, reliable delivery of spare parts and providing experts at all times.

The satisfaction of clients as well as of the company’s suppliers, led to the quick expansion and growth of the company so that today it can expand its horizons and enlarge its basket of products. The principle guiding the company’s daily work is to offer the best possible and most reliable service for the most sensitive equipment.

Since in Israel this kind of equipment is limited and expertise in each area is virtually impossible, the company has established a reservoir of experts all over the world, especially in Europe and the USA, ready to give immediate service even at short notice.

The company’s suppliers offer full support and a constant stream of information, spare parts and service that guarantee the company’s Israeli clientele of assured maintenance.